Hello!…And Why Wild Spiral?

Because, that’s life.  We, as a society, seem to have this very modern idea that any kind of progression, our very lives, are linear. There is this pretense that life goes from point A to B to C, no backtracking or sidestepping, as if the whole of your existence could be neatly packaged into a montage, hopefully set to some cool music. Maybe someday I’ll have my own neat (hopefully inspiring) stack of scenes to sum it All up, (I wonder what kind of music…?), but until then…

Things seem to run much like this spiritual concept that resonates deeply with me; that existence is more like a spiral, with neither beginning nor end.  it is cyclical, meandering, running freely through curves great and small.  We come across the same lessons and Truths over and over, from different perspectives. And, no matter how much we (I) try to control it, this labyrinthine ride through life has definitely been wild.

So, when I say this blog is about Life, Art, the Universe, and Everything, I mean it.  Everything is connected, (In my mind, anyway.) making it impossible to talk of one thing without diving into something else as well.  We are all on a journey of some sort, our paths crossing where they need, each of us becoming teacher and student many times along the way.  I don’t profess to be some great Teacher, but I would like to share what I have learned, and am continually learning, with you, if you decide to walk with me a while.

…Life is an epic road trip, and it is way better with good company.  Shall we wander?

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