Temporary Art; Inspired By David Zinn

It comes to my attention that already this blog is a sort of reaction to outside forces, an homage to the ripple effects people create, their waves reaching the shores of my existence.  So forgive me reader, for being so unoriginal, but I have to gush a little.

If you haven’t seen David Zinn’s drawings, look him up, you’re in for a treat.  This Ann Arbor-based artist creates whimsical vignettes on curbs and sidewalks with chalk and charcoal, sure to be washed away by the next rain. I delighted in finding myself not-so-rare a creature when I stumbled onto his work.  I am often content to let a fair amount of ‘art’ slip away by means of rain (Paper sculpture.), disposal (Napkin doodles.) or Windex (Dry-erase boards.).  If I screw up, the evidence will be gone in a few days, weeks at the most.  I was (still am) often teased that I seem happiest and do my best work when I am reasonably sure that the results won’t last.  Even I find that a little strange, but it is true.  Take this ‘dragon egg’ above, for example.

It is probably the most permanent of my impermanent stuff, but there is no commercial sealer on it, the entirety of ingredients used to create it, I can list; three egg yolks, one egg white, water, a little walnut oil, natural minerals, clove oil, and one rock.  With the weather we have around these parts, this piece’s hopes of survival are dubious, unless the person receiving this likes having small boulders indoors.  I’m ok with that, the need for permanence and stability relaxing its grip for several nebulous reasons.

Maybe the main reason is the impulse, the practice of living in the now.  How much more poetic is twilight because of its fleeting nature?  Autumn’s magic is held in one crisp statement; Change is coming.  And aren’t memorable moments in our lives made all the more poignant by that same swift motion of time?  Enjoy these blazing colors, that kiss, that chalk drawing right now, be in that moment now, for the only constant in life is change, and this too shall pass.

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