Cats and the Wisdom of Unanswered Prayers

Not so long ago, I wanted a fence.  No, I NEEDED a fence, so that I could let our cat roam the yard, checking on her occasionally, allowing me to get more work done indoors.  You see, I sort of screwed myself over by taking her out on a harness.  (Yes, I walk the cat. We are surrounded by five large dogs, one major road and heavy machinery.  Laugh if you want.)  The problem was, she’d come to expect going out, cutting into my time to Do My Art…so rude.

I got estimates on fences, too expensive.  I tried raising the money, manifesting, visualizing, no dice.  I even built an outdoor enclosure with the cash I did have.  The other cat likes it ok, but Raj still drags me out every remotely warm morning, howling and yowling to go OUT NOW.

Lately though, I’m considering that a good thing.  Watching the sun crest over the trees, I’ve found that I need to go out just as much, if not more, than she does.  At least cats have the wisdom to seize a sun patch when they appear, while we humans hide in the dark of our homes, lit only by artificial lamps and the glow of tablets, phones and the like.  No wonder we are vitamin D deprived.

Taking her out also forces me to slow down a bit, notice what is blooming, take a few deep breaths of clean(er) air and take stock of myself before the day cranks into high gear.  Despite her vocal serenades, Raj has become my meditation guru.  She reminds me of what’s important; sunshine, fresh air, a little time to breathe and just be.  Thank goodness for unanswered prayers.


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