The “Wrong” Road

While on an evening stroll, I stepped around some barrels blocking off a narrow sidewalk, and meandered along the side of a broad, nearly deserted suburban street.  A local woman was so unsettled by my behavior that she felt the need to scream, “We have sidewalks!”

Such a small thing, and of no concern to her, but the outburst made me smile.  Our paths can become deeply rutted, the norm so ingrained in us that the slightest detour can be positively discombobulating.  Encountering someone going their own way, we may feel threatened, because that difference calls into question our own behavior, and whether we do what we do because it is easiest, or because it is right for us.  Finding the path most taken to be the wrong route may provoke change, which is a proper pain in the rump to execute.

It is much more comfortable if everyone would just use the sidewalks.

Breathing in the dusky air, I continued walking the wide road.

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