When No One is Watching


You gotta start putting in work when no one else is watching. … You’re going to have some tears, but when you make it there, I promise you, it’s worth it.  -Justin Owens-

Sometimes, things don’t work out, even when you give it all you’ve got.

Sometimes, only sheer tenacity drives you through another day, every aspect of life taking more than it gives.

Essential equipment falls into disrepair, and you haven’t the money to fix it.

And the only people who buy what you’re selling are your parents.

Maybe the healthful habits you’re cultivating transform from buoyant learning experience into painful chore.

Or, you travel a couple hundred miles for a show, and sell nothing at all, and when you get home, the cat pees on the rug, just to add insult to injury.

At the end of those grinding days, you’ve got to pat yourself on the back, because it seems like everyone is looking elsewhere, thinking you’ve got it easy, since you decided to follow your dream.

If you’re really lucky, this all happens at once, making you question the wisdom of your path.  Again.

Then there are times when a gift falls, seemingly from nowhere; the exact amount you need to fix your equipment, so you can continue the work of your heart.

And you have your answer.

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