Full Moon Messages; May 21-June 20, 2016

Considering all the changes I’ve seen in myself and others, I’m working with Lucy Cavendish’s Oracle of the Shapeshifters, gorgeously illustrated by Jasmine Beckett-Grififth.

The themes for this cycle, as so often have been the case this year, are owning your own power, and courage.

You may feel your true, shining self is overshadowed this month.  Toxic relationships are making themselves known, and it is becoming clear to you who has your best interests at heart, and who is using you.  It is a noble thing to aid others, to reveal to them their greatness, but it does no one any good to enhance the power of others by diminishing your own.  It may be needful to let go of the connections that weigh you down because, as Infinite Waters says, only by growing lighter are you able to fly.

You already have the courage within to make that flight.  The past two years have prepared you, shaped and taught you, so that when this opportunity arrives, you will have the gumption to take that first leap, the wisdom to acknowledge your true allies when they come to aid you and the good sense to know your  worth, so that you may fly high on your own, truly unique wings.

There is power in who you are, your contradictions and foibles.  Our common bond as humans is that we are all in leagues of our own, irreplaceable.  It is time to own that power, to love yourself without labels, allowing the blossoming of your newest self to fuel the next stage of changes sure to come.  Change is certain and, lately, blindingly swift, but with this new sense of Self, you flow with it easily.

You have grown by leaps and bounds, becoming aware of more choices in how you handle life’s dramas.  You can approach it from a place of fear, a ‘safe’ place in that we all know fear intimately, or you can come from a place of love, the unfamiliar, yet oh-so-rewarding approach.    The choice is yours.  You are aware.  You are awake, your new wings forged in the fires of change.  Time to fly!

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