Full Moon Messages; June 20-July 19, 2016

Tonight I’m working with Lucy Cavendish’s Oracle of the Dragonfae, a deck featuring multiple artists, that is a  true feast for the eyes.

The cards for this month’s message continue the cycle, building on last moon’s  cleansing.  Key words for the current period are clarity, synergy and rebirth.

We wear so many faces in one day, one for work, another as a parent, one for your family, but what lies below the surface, beyond the official public smile?  What dreams swim just beneath the veneer?  How much of that persona is truly you, and what is it costing you to maintain the facade?  If last month’s changes left you befuddled yet uncomfortable with the status quo, it is time to get clear on who you are, who you want to be, and where you wish to be heading in life.  We live in an age of change, where the collapse of outdated modes of thinking leave room for the new, where following the herd or pretending to be someone you’re not is no longer necessary for survival.  That’s not to say that the steps toward your new venture are going to be all lollipops and daisies, which leads to the next bit of clarity needed; Are you willing to put in the sweat, to brave the mud and work that will invariably come with the construction of a new you, a new life?

If so, rest assured that you possess all the tools needed to make those dreams a reality.  Once you have resolved to blaze that trail, Spirit reminds you that you are more than the sum of your parts.  Seemingly impossible situations are overcome with a combination of wit, heart and inner vision.  Logic and intuition are not necessarily mutually exclusive.  As you grow, you will learn to use cool intellect and instinct simultaneously, an asset that will serve you well on both personal and professional levels.

Next comes what some may find to be the scary bit.  You’ve figured out what you want, begun to accept your contradictions, and are putting in the hours to bring the seeds of desires into full bloom, but there may be no room for the new sprouts to grow.  Some things have to perish so that the new may thrive.  This may mean small things, such as bad habits that need discarding, or it may entail a much larger revamping, like changing the way you view yourself, or re-evaluating your core beliefs.  This transition is where the mud and sweat comes in, but fear not these small deaths, for they herald a new day, a rebirth and celebration.  There is also a period of rest inherent in ‘dark’ times, so if all this demolition and renewal has got you pooped, trust that solace will come around again, and allow yourself to take ease when you feel it is time.

May your path be blessed


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