Curiosity and the Scale

Yes, I know I said I wasn’t going to get into pounds and inches, but, well… Due to semi-popular demand and my own curiosity, here are some more specific numbers to track the progress on my mostly raw, nearly vegan journey.

In the past few months, (I’m not great with anniversaries, can’t you tell?) I’ve lost 34 pounds.  My bust has decreased by eight inches, waist by four inches, and hips by four inches, for a grand total of sixteen inches that have found somewhere else to roost.  My significant other is ambivalent about the precipitous shrinkage of my, um, vast tracts of land, but hey, you can’t please everyone.

I’ve had nowhere near a perfect record either.  Some days I cruised on the high of clean food, other days, ice cream whispered lascivious nothings, and I couldn’t resist.  And the detox period….well, I just don’t want to talk about that right now.

What’s truly exciting, however, are the internal changes.  I haven’t touched coffee in weeks, since my energy levels have risen significantly.  I sleep much more restfully, and I am not tired straight out of bed.  Frequency of migraines and panic attacks have decreased dramatically.  The depression that I’ve been fighting for a couple of decades has retreated also, leaving my outlook brighter, my moods more stable, and freeing yet more energy that used to be tied up in keeping me functional.  Most intriguing of all, my eyes, which had me convinced that I would be blind sooner than later, are, if not improving, at least holding steady.  The weird, wandering fog has vanished along with nearly all the strain and fatigue.   Inside and out, my body is remaking itself, the swiftness and vehemence of its resurrection astounds me.  I had thought my inner fire all but extinguished, medicated, sterilized and left for dead.

Amazing, to think the strength of a phoenix resides within each of us, needing only the tiniest spark to rise again.

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