Full Moon Messages; July, 2016

Did anyone spot the moon last night?  She was shining so brightly as to be almost impossible to ignore, much like the changes occurring within you now.  This month’s key phrase is dynamic spiritual shift.  For those who have been alert, this may not be news, sounding like more of the same.  And it is, yet, much as each baby born is unique, so this shift has its own signature style.

We, as a species, have created the world we currently occupy.  Therefore, should we desire a new reality, it remains our duty to birth that as well.  This may manifest personally as a job change, a move, or a change in diet.  Rest assured that as you take steps to do better, the earth, the very Multiverse itself moves toward you as well.

Tuning in to natural rhythms may become more important to you at this time, including recognizing the connections between the microcosmic cycles within your body and the greater ebb and flow of lunar cycles.  Emotions may run high as the moon pulls the very tides of your blood toward her.  It can be beneficial to learn what your Moon sign is, so that you come to know your deeper self.

Joy as well as pain are your guideposts as changes quickly unfold this month.  If you can remain open, you’ll find yourself in the company of some unusual, but wise teachers, who can appear in dreams, snippets of conversation, a crystal you are drawn to, or even the kid down the street.  Allow yourself this time to learn, to be a beginner, and the discomforts of renewal will bring you to a sense of completion, a new cycle and path to explore.

Numbers for this lunar cycle are 5, (Dynamic and swift change.) 7, (Spirituality) and 9 (Cycles, compassion, completion.).

The birth of a new world has begun.  Will you partake?

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