Belief and Abundance

Your beliefs create reality.

Not just your reality.  Reality.

Consider this, if you choose to believe that there are no good jobs out there, that your only option is to stick with unfulfilling work, then it is unlikely that you’ll be looking for a new avenue, keeping you stuck.

Your belief in lack creates lack.

But here’s the brain twister.

Say the dude down the road chooses to believe that the perfect job is out there waiting for him and, motivated by this thought, goes out every day, open to possibility.

By deciding that you have no options and staying home, you fulfil your own beliefs and aid in fulfilling his.

Your belief in scarcity means one less person on the hunt, increasing your neighbor’s chances of landing that job, the one you decided did not exist.

Spirit at work, turning even your most morose moments into positive opportunities to share.

Even in the face of what appears to you to be a world of not enough, abundance blooms.  You can choose what world you live in, your opinions and beliefs are going to color your experiences, regardless.

Seeing as the Universe is apparently dying to show you the infinite abundance that lies within you as well as out, what have you got to lose by trying on a new belief for a while?

You can always have the old one back.


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