Define “Normal”

What is ‘normal, and what is the usefulness of this definition?

More importantly, who defines normal?

Recently, I’ve been in a rut, a real slump, wearing ravines a mile deep with my mental pacing, with rivers of resentment flowing deeper still.

On the surface, it’s all good.  Loving partner, cozy home, a pair of kitties still full of vigor, one or two close friends, family.

Yet I resented it all.  The house represented more work that gave neither pleasure nor fulfilment, the animals seemed only to gobble more and more of me, my time, money and sanity. Friends, partner and family didn’t understand me.  I felt as if all these obligations were weighing me down, holding me back from something bigger, a life more grand and soulful.

Most of all, I resented myself, for not being able to continue in this life without complaint.

One of those resentments holds an arrow of truth.  I bet you can guess which one.

I am the one piling on the obligations

I am the one who wants more.

I am the one holding myself back

I define normal.

And right now, my definition stinks.

By allowing others to tell us what ‘normal’ is, we give away our power, ripping out little pieces of ourselves and giving them away for safekeeping, separating ourselves from the Oneness that is everything and then taking that separation to the next level by looking outside ourselves for answers.  We ask our parents, our friends, our media, our spiritual counselors what is best for us.  We look at other people’s lives to gauge the success of our own.  We allow everyone except ourselves to set the parameters of normal.

How expansive might it feel to take back normal?  To look to the Divinity that lies in, around, and is you for your own version of success?  It would be like coming home….to yourself.


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