September’s Book of the Month

I read this cover to cover in two days.  It has taken me the past five to digest its contents, though Blackson’s straightforward language presents concepts that are often complicated as deceptively simple.

The thrust of Kute Blackson’s work, You Are The One, is an idea that has been percolating in my own brain for some time now, though this author puts it much more eloquently.  You are the cavalry you have been waiting for.

You are your own hero, guru, guide and savior.

In these times of upheaval and change, many of us are finding that we can ill afford to blindly follow strictures that worked for our parents or grandparents, making it increasingly needful that we blaze our own trails.  Concerning this, Blackson writes;

We have lots of sex but don’t make love, bigger bank accounts but less fulfillment, faster cars but no time, more options but less patience, more education but les sense…Old systems and paradigms are collapsing.  We are desperately in need of conscious, awake people who are aware of the power they have within them to re-create the world.

Throughout the book, Blackson puts you face to face with your own power, the power of your mind and body, the power of compassion, even the immense strength hidden in our inevitable mortality.

Yes, in the acknowledgement of death, our greatest fear, lies incredible, awesome force.

This is not a piece for the faint of heart, yet it possesses a great deal of its own.

Happy reading!

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