Mini Musing; Control Free

There is a meme going around that might become my next tattoo..  It reads, Relax, NOTHING is under control.

What a relief.  Finally, permission to release the clenched grip on life, to allow the cosmos and all its contents to just be, including ourselves.

In our quest for security, we often forget how little we can truly manipulate.  This can be an unsettling thought, though it may also become a key to freedom.

By opening up to our higher guidance, we may experience miracles, great and small, as we are gently led into a life more mystical and profound than we could otherwise create from a place of fear.  Open hands receive more abundantly than closed fists.  Outmoded patterns, longing to be released at this time, dissolve with grace as so-called control relaxes and trust grows.

Blessed Be.

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