Full Moon Messages; September-October, 2016

This month, you have three words to choose from.  Whichever word or words you are most drawn to holds your message.  Your choices are:






If the word light stood out to you, it is time to make your dreams a reality.  Time to take those inspirations off the notepad and make them real, no matter their humble beginnings. (Those of you who think best in the shower, you know who you are.)  For you, this month is all about diving in, bringing projects to life.  Take one step at a time, don’t overwhelm yourself by worrying about how far you have left to go, just focus on the first step, and then the next….

It is also important to remember that if you have been procrastinating due to waiting for the ‘right time’, know that with an open, positive attitude, the right time is always now.  Your guides and angels are eager to get started creating with you.  You know the difference between the dreams that are born from love and the nightmares that feed on fear.  It is time to bring that celestial light of yours into the physical world, so that all may benefit.

The world craves your unique healing, do not rob those in need of your gifts by diminishing your light, or by killing newborn projects with criticism.  Your time is now.


Where has your shine gone?  It has been hidden away under a pile of sorrows.  Butterfly is here to tell you that there is light at the end of the tunnel and no, it is not a train.

The past few weeks, months or even years have been so filled with upheaval and chaos that you may feel as if you will never dig out from under this mountain of suffering.  You will.  Spirit is here to guide and comfort you as you heal, but is also asking that, as part of your journey, you assess honestly the part you have to play in your own torment.  Change is difficult for everyone, but we often make it more painful by resisting or trying to control what cannot be controlled.  What burdens of angst have you piled upon yourself?  What impossible tasks have you beaten yourself up for not completing? What stumbling blocks have you placed in your own path, perhaps thinking that a more grueling experience would make you more worthy?

You are worthy, right now, as you are, avalanche of baggage and all.  What will you allow yourself to let go of, so that the changes that remain inevitable can arrive with as much ease and joy as possible?  It is time to dance, to sing out, to be seen and heard.  To do this, you must release your vigil in the dark places of your soul and come into the light for a time.  Ask and you will be guided how to do this.  Spirit is excited to celebrate with you!


If you chose dragon as your word, it is time to make peace with the masculine, both inner and outer, whether you identify as male, female, or your own unique self.  If you are carrying ill conceptions about men, Dragon asks you to begin healing those wounds now, to be open to letting go of the burdens and fears these ideas can create.

Look for aspects of  leadership-by-example, protection and loving power in your life.  There you will find the Masculine, the steadfast force that is the Father, the Sage, the Lover and the Son.

This has very little to do with cultural stereotypes of what it means to be manly and more to do with the role models in your life, past and present.  It is about building your own definitions.  When has a man acted honorably?  Compile these moments in your mind, what attributes do they share?  There can be gentleness in masculinity, just as there exists the ferocious feminine.

Dragon also wishes you to know that you are powerful, right now, as you are.  It is your choice how you use the strength given you, or whether you shrink from it and give it away.  Do you use your power in a manner that is honorable and true?  If so, then you have already experienced the divine in one of His forms.  It is time to own all that you are.  Are you ready?

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