Special Black Moon Messages: September, 2016

You know that phrase, ‘once in a Blue Moon’?  A Blue Moon occurs when two  full moons fall within the same calendar month.  The second full moon of that month is the Blue Moon.

A Black Moon occurs when two New Moons fall within the same month, the second New Moon being the Black Moon.

Generally, new moons presage a time of rest, renewal, healing and occasionally deep inner work. These times are usually a quiet time as compared to a full moon, but not always, particularly as we continue to experience more energy shifts.

As the Black Moon approaches, reaching its full strength on September 30th, you may experience intense anger, frustration or loneliness.  You may feel confined in your current circumstances, feeling a strong need to clean, clarify and revamp many aspects of your life.  Keep in mind that even ‘negative’ emotions have a purpose, a core of truth.  It may be beneficial at this time to ask Spirit to show you clearly the lessons you need to learn, so that the highest good can come to all concerned, and you can then let these feelings go.

This Moon may also show you, in strong terms, a reflection of your self, your personality and actions, with no sugar-coating.  Please know that this is also done from a place of love, as it is becoming increasingly imperative that we are able to see clearly, without the dubious comfort that comes with deluding ourselves.

For this Moon, you have three words to choose from.  Whatever word or words stand out to you, scroll down to recieve their message.  Today’s choices are:





If you picked the word rose, it is time to let the doubters say what they will and carry on anyway.  You know what you are capable of.  To those who say “It is impossible“, there is but one reply.

“Watch me.”

If you are willing to open yourself, to become a little vulnerable, you will be gifted with miracles.  Magicks great and small flock to you at this time, as your passions and goals stem from a place of compassion.  If you are doubting yourself, it is time to lay those doubts aside.  With Spirit as your Source, you CAN accomplish what is needed.  Open your heart, pray in your unique fashion, and watch miracles unfold.


If joy stood out to you today, your message is simple, yet often difficult to pull off.

“Lighten up!”

More definitively, lighten up before you drive yourself into the ground.  Circumstances can be solemn, but rarely are they serious.  After all, none of us are getting out of here alive.  How then, do you wish to spend your time?  Worrying yourself into an ulcer?  There is a better way to be.

Spirit is concerned that you have allowed life to remain bleak for too long.  You may have even grown comfortable with it in a way, allowing the drama, raging emotions and constant demands of others (And your inner perfectionist.) to shape your reality into a colorless, seemingly endless tunnel of blah.    If you find it difficult to release this stormy mantle, now is an excellent time to ask for help.  Many angels and guides surround you at this time, eagerly waiting to help you reconnect with beauty and humor.


If hunt is your word today, you have some work ahead of you, but don’t fear, this clarity only hurts if you resist.  You may find yourself presented, over and over again, with parts of yourself that you sometimes wish didn’t exist, what some call your ‘shadow’.  Spirit is emphasizing that these aspects are not necessarily bad.  For example, perhaps you buried your creativity because you were told it was disreputable, a sign of weakness.  Whatever shadows lay dormant inside, it is time to acknowledge them, love them, care for them, like a hurt child, they crave your attention now, to kiss and make better.

What we resist only grows stronger, such is the case with your own hidden aspects.  This does not mean you should let your anger, jealousy and more destructive sides run wild, but the river of denial will no longer keep you afloat.  Acknowledge every part of yourself, reveal the lessons held within, and you will be rewarded with a stronger, more integrated sense of self, built on true integrity.  You are coming into your own now.  Will you own it?


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