Lose 150 Lbs in Ten Minutes

It starts with the key to success, a skeleton key which will open any door, be it weight loss, fitness or self-improvement of any kind.

Know thyself.

By getting to know yourself, you begin to truly think and act independently.  You become your own guru, relieving yourself of the weight of trying to conform to someone else’s plan.  Does not every diet, excercise regimen or self help book contain steps that just don’t work for you, or don’t seem to apply?

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read, research, or take inspiration from mentors, but without studying You, the knowledge you gain will be a topical antidote, a band-aid, at best.  By taking the time to know yourself, you will gain deeper insight and be able to apply techniques that you know will work for you and your specific circumstances, for even the most gifted guru’s story is but a narrative of how they, specifically, attained success.

Glean what you can from the experts and  then walk your own way, do not carry them for the sake of quoting them, allowing them to overshadow your own needs.  Free them and yourself.

By spending just a few moments alone in a setting that speaks to you, by shutting off all notifications for that time, your innner dreams, preferences and needs will begin to surface.

You’ve just let go of over 100 pounds of guru, and it only took ten minutes.

Thank your mentors, love them, apply their wisdom as it pertains to You, buoyed up by their words combined with your heart’s intuition, and continue to read The Book of You.

I hear the author is quite knowledgeable.

Shine on.

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