New Moon Healing; October, 2016

As this year’s ‘final exam’ continues to test us on all we have learned, the need for respite and healing grows.  Above is an offering of said comfort, in the form of a painting charged with Reiki energy.  If you feel so guided, below are a few words, a small prayer to go with the picture.

Greatest Being,

Thank You.

For all I have received and have yet to embrace.

For the lessons and the joy,

and All That Is.

I now release any vows of poverty, conscious or unconscious, that I have ever or will ever make.

I release any un-needed habits, addictions or perspectives that hold me back from my true Purpose.

I release any ancestral burdens or cycles of grief, pain or worry, so that all bloodlines may heal and be free.

I am Yours.  We are One

Love, always.

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