Mini-musing: Nature’s Rest

We are snowed in, or nearly so.  The air is thick with the silent accumulation of fat flakes.  One can almost hear the psychic outcry of a thousand minds, stressing over how they will check off their holiday errands, the irritation and angst over the inconvenient weather messing with the schedule of ‘must-do’s’.

But, must we?  Really?  Perhaps Nature has tucked a blanket of fluffy white round our ears in a bid to convince us that it is ok to rest.  Like overstimulated toddlers, we have worked ourselves into a frenzy, doggedly chasing the best, brightest and biggest in gifts and decorations, pushing ourselves beyond our limits and feeling the worse off for it.

Maybe it’s time we all have a snow day.

Even the indomitable Earth Herself takes naps.



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