New Year: Sabbatical and Reboot

You made it.  2016 was a wild ride, but here you are on the other side.  You have put in a lot of work this past year, expanding your consciousness, letting go of old ideas and situations that don’t serve, changing the very foundations on which you base your beliefs and actions, not to mention the celestial waves of energy, super moons, once-in-a-lifetime planetary alignments and other cosmic wonders that at times seem to have rewritten your very DNA.

So, what now?

Now, we reboot, which in my case, means a hiatus in blog posts, among other things.  Much like upgrading a computer, there is a point, after all the cleaning, debugging and installing of the new, that the whole system needs to shut down, just be still, blank, for a time.  This quiet is what I seek now.

Perhaps you are feeling the same, maybe this new sensation is a bit frightening.  You have no passions, no likes or dislikes, no goals, you just are.  If so, please give yourself permission at this time to just be.  This time of deep rest will signal its end when your subconscious has processed what needs sorting.  Trust in yourself and be reborn.

Blessed Be.

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