Double Download; Spring Energy Forcast

For the past several weeks, I have felt as if I am at capacity. Any new information, insight or idea just wouldn’t stick. If my brain and spirit were a stomach, I would be lying on the couch in my largest pair of sweats, groaning that I could not possibly eat another bite.

In addition, they might even be pink sweats, which, if you know me even a little, is cause for a raised eyebrow at the very least. Not only is my capacity for new downloads full, but I feel akin to someone who has had a heart transplant, and now finds themselves with yearnings and personality traits not their own. (Look it up, the stories are fascinating.)

I am not just saying this to gripe. In fact, I have found these feelings to be indicative of the energy flowing through the world this month and into the beginning of April. There is so much new coming in that the very foundation of our personalities, the definitions of ourselves we have constructed, must expand and morph to accommodate it.

So many have done the work, healed, grown in multiple ways, dug deep to find their truths. And now…what?

When your computer slows to a crawl and is full of unnecessary junk, what is there to do but delete some outmoded programs?

How can this year’s love, light and insight sink in if we are full of last year’s crap? (Fear, insecurity and old habits.) If you are happy with the old version of you, fantastic. However, you may find, as I am finding, that the new downloads will continue to attempt to integrate into your system until you are faced with two choices: make room by letting go of the old, or pop. The former choice, while sometimes challenging in the moment, can save you the mess of the latter, but you must be brave and choose, or the choice will be made for you.

Below is a little prayer to facilitate these changes, if you wish to partake.

Greatest Spirit, allow me to easily let go what wants to go, and welcome joyfully what wishes to come. Let your Love flow through me in times of stress and times of ease, so that I may accept the Highest energies, habits and actions for me at this time.
I graciously thank the person I was yesterday, so that I may welcome the person I am now, and make joyful space for my Self-to-Be.
All is well, so let it Be.

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