5 Tips to Stay Balanced and Avoid Technology Overload

Maybe you’ve been here: Your nerves are shot, your eyes feel as if they might leak sand if you look at one more monitor.  You’re simultaneously wired and exhausted.   While there is probably a scientific name for that jittery, irritable, sugar-crash-on-steroids feeling, I just call it techno-overload.  Below are a few things that, in my experience, have helped ease this common feeling, leaving me more balanced and upbeat.

Tip #1: Listen to your body.  There are so many tasks that involve computers, phones and the like.  Practically all of them, really.  If you are feeling overloaded, don’t ignore it.  Your body sends you these signals for a reason.  It’s okay to walk away for a couple of minutes and do some stretches, rest your eyes or just breathe.   Your body holds wisdom that science is only beginning to recognize, so if you’re feeling off, listen to your leading expert; you!

Tip #2: Get outta Dodge. Most of our days are spent indoors, glued to a screen, breathing re-circulated air.  If you’re feeling a little frazzled, but still have work to do, take advantage of wireless advances and take it outside.  This way, you’re still connected while balancing the intense energy of modern life with soothing, old-fashioned eco therapy, which brings us to tip number three.

Tip #3: Bring a little nature with you.  Whether it’s setting a crystal near your monitor (Pyrite, and smokey quartz are both great.), wearing an essential oil scent that calms you, or dragging some unsuspecting potted plant into your office, keeping a little bit of Earth’s energy with you can help make you feel more balanced in minutes.

Tip #4: Treat yourself to good food.  Eating well every day will help you feel your best by giving your body one less arduous chore to handle  Between environmental pollutants, hectic schedules and sedentary lifestyles, our poor bods already have a laundry list of to-do’s, way before we roll in the excess electromagnetic waves by firing up our gadgets.  Put the best fuel you can in your tank and you may find yourself feeling more serene and balanced without even trying.

Tip #5: Listen to your tech!  The Multiverse communicates to us in many ways.  If you find that you can’t seem to perform the simplest tasks, say, upload a photo, and your phone is acting as if it’s got a migraine to match yours, it may be time to unplug for a bit.  Inventing colorful new expletives won’t help your cause.  Your tablet contains within it many forms of quartz crystal, an amplifier of energy.  So, if you are out of sorts, angry beyond all proportion and electromagnetically overloaded, that energy is going to be received and enhanced by your poor device, making your work that much more difficult and accident-prone.  Heed the zen of the hard drive and take a break.


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