3 Ways to Meditate Without Meditating

We sit down for our jobs, we sit to drive to said job and home again, we sit and watch tv….That’s a lot of sitting.  To add even another measly fifteen minutes of sitting meditation to that makes my poor, half-asleep posterior cry out for mercy.  Plus, who’s got the attention span for that?  So many people grimace at the ‘traditional’ idea of meditation; sitting in some imitation of a pretzel, attempting to clear the mind of all thought (Which is a paradox I will leave alone for now.), that they discard meditation altogether.

If however, you are willing to surrender your ideas of what this practice is supposed to look like, there is plenty of room in life for some Om time.  Here are  3 ways to meditate without meditating.

Clean.  The chores have to get done either way, so why not zen out while you do them?  When a friend of mine is in need of a meditation session, she cranks up the music and starts in on the dishes.  As the house becomes decluttered, so does her mind, while the music cleanses the space of negativity and keeps the energy flowing.

Dance.  If you’re like me, this act will be done with the curtains drawn so the neighbors don’t think I’m having a fit, but whether you’ve got smooth moves or not, falling into the flow of movement can be an excellent way to clear your mind and let your soul…well, dance.  It doesn’t matter what kind of music you groove to either.  Whether its New Age, Pop or even Metal, as long as the tunes feel positive and uplifting to you, it’s all good.  You might even consider making this a regular practice, a three-minute meditation where you pick a song for that day to dance to.  This is a great practice if you are looking to harmonize and integrate body, mind and soul as one.

Walk.  Imagine as you walk that all the issues, thoughts and worries circling around in your head are little pebbles or clods of dirt that fall away with each step.  Try observing acutely all your surroundings as you go.  What does the air smell like?  Are there many pedestrians?  Can you spot any flower boxes, or feel the texture of the ground beneath you?  Set the intention to be aware and non-judgementally observant of your outside environment as you walk, and you may find yourself becoming aware of your inside space as well.  Of course, pay attention enough to be safe.

Note: There is no gold star for multitasking while you meditate.  This time is for you and ultimately for those you love, as a happier, more balanced you will benefit everyone.  So do yourself a favor and turn off all notifications for the duration of your practice time.  This will facilitate more enjoyment of the moment and a deeper connection to your practice.  

Shine on!


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