Full Moon Energies: June, 2017

The time of gloom and angst is past.  Are you willing to let it go?  This month’s full moon messages do not come with words to choose from, but something for all readers to ponder.

There has been so much awful in the world, wars, bombings, natural disasters, sorrow and pain.  Yet, it is as if we are so preoccupied with the garbage pie set before us, that we miss entirely the sweetness that lies just beyond our focus.  By widening our scope, we may find the solutions we have been seeking for so long.

This moon hails yet another shift which, for anyone following such things, can be daunting.  The difference, however, lies not in the renewal of the old, but the blossoming of the truly new.  The past two months have been about tearing down the old, not just to recycle it back into the same worn patterns, but to make room for brand new cycles, new patterns, even unto consciously breaking ancestral cycles, so that the entire lineage may heal, from you on back, and forward into coming generations as well.

Yet the question still remains, are you willing and able to do this?  Are you willing to completely unpack everything that has shaped you; your ancestry, thought patterns, spiritual lineage, and more, keeping only what serves you and leaving the rest?  This month’s energy, while still caring, will not allow you to move forward with all your old baggage in tow.  You may find yourself in situations that force a conscious decision from you; rehash the same emotions, experiences and reactions, or create afresh.  This is a form of tough love, Kali’s invitation to set aflame all that needs to go in the name of greater Love and a more refined version of yourself.  You may sense that there is more to let go of by feeling ‘left behind’ somehow.  Know that there is no shame in proceeding at your own pace, and that you are always working within Divine timing

Pay attention to your dreams over the next several weeks, particularly around the beginning of July.  Ask and they will show you the direction in which you need to move.  If your dreams are mundane, dissatisfying or unmemorable, consider hanging a bit of rosemary on your headboard, dabbing a drop or two or rosemary oil onto your blanket, or otherwise bringing the energy of this plant into your room when you sleep.  Rosemary is for remembrance, so it can aid in remembering your dreams as well as helping you feel protected and safe.  Mint or peppermint oil is also excellent as an energetic cleanser, protector and mood lifter, which will aid in having pleasant dreams, freeing you of outdated patterns so that you may explore where your unconscious is truly leading you.

The last part of this month’s message concerns the integration of collective dreaming with the acceptance of unique individuality.  Please remember that it is your shining Self, your specific gifts, talents, personality and tendencies that are so needed now by the beautiful collective dreams that are forming.  It is because of the particulars of your own way of glowing that these larger endeavors glow the way they do.  Do not be fooled into thinking that you must strip away all that is you in order to be ‘spiritual’.  Letting go of ego can be good, opening yourself to different ways of being can be wonderful, yet please do not be ashamed of the You that is present now, for it is by celebrating our uniqueness that we are able to recognize our strengths and create a strong whole.

Shine on.

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