Full Moon Messages: july, 2017

This Moon’s message arrived in the form of a bizarre (and somewhat disgusting) dream.  Put simply, it is time to release the poison.  Just like that science experiment you had for lunch, all the toxins that have gone in, must come out, be they toxic thoughts, emotions, habits or relationships.

Short yet powerful, July Moon encourages this thought: It is your responsibility to let go that which is toxic to you.  You may not want to, you may dread it, but if you are to move on and move up, it must be done.  Anyone who has had a few too many drinks will tell you, ’tis better to pay homage to the porcelain god and be done with it, than fight the sickness within.  Once your toll is paid, you can only feel better.

That’s not to say that it is your duty to spew all your noxious thoughts onto passersby, as many seem to to be doing these days, but to acknowledge that this release needs to happen and find healthy ways to do so.  Dance it out, write, run, cycle, take kickboxing, but find a way that will releive not only your mind but your body as well.  Animals will often quiver and shake after a stressful situation, to remove the built up toxins from their body.  Consider this physical aspect of release an integral component to your growth.

After that, the only step left is to pay it forward.  By demonstrating healthy ways of cleansing yourself, you signal to others who may look up to you that it is no longer necessary (or productive) to hold it all in, creating greater freedom for generations to come.

Shine on.

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