Mini Musing: Find Your (Good) Trigger

I ran a mile today.  Well, more like glacially slow-jogged a mile.  Snails were sighing in exasperation as they passed.

Why did I waddle a mile?  Because i had gone cycling the day before, and busted out some yoga the day before that.  It creates a feel good sort of cycle.

If this mini-epiphany is ridiculously obvious to you, I bow to the master, yet sometimes the obvious needs stating.

Find your good trigger, the one habit that leads you easily into the next  For me, the action that creates a happy avalanche of healthy choices is exercise.  Moving my butt = healthy food choices = more energy = moving my butt =. . .

What healthy cycle are you setting into motion?  Consider looking at each piece of the cycle individually and pick out which part really motivates you.  Do that, and let the positivity roll

.Shine on.

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