Daily Divine: Impromptu Guide

My partner had dropped me off at the corner of Main Street n, Ann Arbor, so I could peruse my favorite bookstore at leisure while he ran a few errands. It was a straight shot right down Main to the shop, but this was still a new city to me, and I was nervous. I gripped my white cane tightly as I approached the first crossing, reminding myself not to rely on other pedestrians to know when to safely cross. Yet at both lights, there were many people crossing from both sides, giving me ample protection and assurance that it was safe to walk. When I got close to where I thought the shop should be, a middle-aged couple strolled in front of me, the husband pointing out the names of each shop to his wife, verbally naming the place I was seeking as they passed. Incidentally,(or not), the husband left off the naming game after I had reached my destination. I said a silent thank you as I entered the store, gently escorted right to it’s threshold

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