Daily Divine: Job Hunt

Recently, I was talking with a new friend about putting more focus on my energy healing practice, intuitive readings, and so on, commenting that the quest for a more traditional 9 to 5 wasn’t yielding much result.  I’ve applied to several places, with nary a callback to be found, let alone an interview.

“It’s not as if I’m applying for something way out of my league either, I didn’t put in a resume at NASA, for crying out loud” I mused.  “What’s the deal here?”

Then the conversation moved on to how Spirit can speak to us, nudge us with the most mundane experiences, if we’re open.  The next day, this happened.

I was at my favorite coffee shop, waiting at the counter for my order, talking to the barista about the ongoing job hunt.  Instead of mentioning the open positions they had, (Which I had already applied for.), one girl piped up that every time she sees me, she thinks of the time when I apparently told her (I don’t remember this myself.) that she would get a flat tire and to be cautious while driving.  Within a week or two, she did indeed get a flat.

“Aren’t you psychic or something?” she asked.

I confirmed that I used to work at a metaphysical shop down the road, and took my java to my table, smiling.

Guess I got my answer.

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