Full Moon Messages: Sept 25-Oct 24, 2018

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Where is you mind wandering this month, Celestite?  What have you tuned your ears to hear?  There is some anxiety present in this energy, as you may find that the strident opinions of others has a tendency to drown out the quiet song taking shape in your heart.  Your guides encourage you to turn your senses gently inward this cycle, allowing yourself to hear, feel and dance toward what is truth for you   As you discover this truth, the overriding theme of inner wholeness will become easily graspable for you, However, your angels emphasize that you must be willing to listen to that infant song within you first.

As your own inner music begins to move you, the synchronicities that make up your world will become more obvious to you, the next right step presenting itself in blessed timing.  And they are blessings, Celestite.  Your inner eye yearns to show you the light that shines at the center of your life, the gorgeous love that you create and extend to others every day, just by being you.  Your blessings are already here.  Will you acknowledge them and let them into your being?

If there are legal matters weighing heavily on you Celestite, never fear.  Your intuition and attention to detail will not lead you astray.  Just know that there are some karmic scales that require balancing at this time, and that it may take a bit longer than you wish for everything to come out in the wash.  If you are feeling that there are some wrongs you need to right in your personal life Celestite, please do not delay, as putting this off will only eat away at the joyful wholeness you have worked so hard to achieve.  There is no judgement, only balance.




Oh, amethyst, the road has not been easy these past months, has it?  Your guides are so very proud of you, as it takes a soul of great strength to weather through with as much compassion and grace as you have shown.  You dove deep into the dark, bringing forth beauty where others insisted there was only ugliness.  Rejoice, dear amethyst, as the storm clouds are clearing rapidly now.

Now that this storm has tossed about what it will, it is time to pick up the pieces and assess whether they are worth keeping, what needs repair, and what needs releasing.  A giddy new sense of freedom may wash over you as this lunar cycle unfolds, as you may find that the strong winds of change have blown away that which was restrictive and unnecessary.  Hold firmly to your inner knowing as you sort through, Amethyst.  Your own Divine light will not lead you astray.

An artistic side that you may not have thought you had is presenting itself at this time, Amethyst, a quirky outlook that finds the beauty and laughter in odd or perplexing circumstances.  Your angels encourage you to embrace the humor in these situations, as this will loosen you up, allowing your razor-sharp intuition to guide you into the greater joy that awaits.  You may find that the number seven brings itself to your attention this month, a clear indicator that your prayers are heard and in the process of being actualized.



It is a dangerous web we weave Calcite, when we allow ourselves to be guided by intellect alone, prodigious as it is.  The theme presented for you this month is the marriage of head and heart.  By encouraging this union, the connections made with others and with life itself are more secure, lasting and fulfilling.  No one is questioning you’ve got the smarts, Calcite, but can you allow the divine union of mind and soul that will birth a brand new you?  These birthing pains may be strong at times, yet they are necessary and beautiful in their own right.

While others may be ramping up their social life, you might feel an urge to go inward, to let the waves of happy chatter among friends roll over you, comforting you with their presence as you listen internally.  Snippets of song or talk might catch your inner ear, connecting you with the truth that lies at your center, a truth that has been trying to get your attention for some time now.  Please do not take up any guilt about doing your own thing Calcite.  This is important work -and play!- that you are called to do.

As your thoughts and feelings become more clear this month, you may feel pulled to make a journey, be it down the road to a café you don’t frequent much, or across the country for a retreat.  You might even find that a full-blown move is in order.  Please trust yourself Calcite, the web of Life has you protected.  The stability you’ve been yearning for is rolling toward you, drawn by the pure essence of gorgeous you.  There might just be some needful ‘chaos’ first.

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