Unicorn Farts

There is an idea many of us hold close, that once we follow our hearts, do the right thing, be all we can be, that everything will magically fall into place and every day will become a sweet dream. However, this idea is, like the unicorn, a myth.

Sure, a lot of good things DO happen when we become more true to ourselves, and there are a lot more good days than bad, but, should our mystical one-horned aparition become flesh, we quickly find that unicorns fart too.

Some days just stink, no matter how ‘authentic’ we are being or becoming. Sometimes the stink sticks and follows us around for a good while. Suddenly that blessed creature we’ve built so carefully in our minds begins to look like a horse wearing a prosthetic.

This is a good thing. The fart is useful. It lets off pressure, gives an indication of relative health or sickness and injects some much needed humor into the situation. There is nothing like a good fart joke for getting belly laughs. (Pun intended.) Those funky times allow us to reasses our goals; whether this path is really working out, whether we want to keep that unicorn or just stick some antlers on the dog.

Perfectionism, I’ve found, is overrated, not sustainsble and frankly, rather boring.

Embrace the funk and…

Shine on!

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