Mini Musing: Amethyst

Offten in an intuitive reading or energy healing session, a client’s guides may suggest a stone or crystal that will aid them, with helpful Amethyst making frequent appearances. While clients express appreciation for the suggestion, the next question is almost always, “What does this stone do?”

Ultimately, every crystal/client relationship is unique. You may notice benefits or occurrences that are not mentioned in any crystal book, but there are a few properties of our gorgeous purple Earth-friend that are ever present.

*Amethyst clarifies. Ancient cultures were known to place an amethyst at the bottom of their wine cup, beleiving it would keep them from getting too drunk. While the best way to stay alert is to lay off the hooch, this practice reflects the deep cleansing and ‘sobering’ powers of amethyst. If you need to clear your head, cleanse a room or even another crystal, Amethyst can help.

*Amethyst centers. Its violet hue is so balanced, a painter’s mix of red (fire) and blue (water), that this stone positively sings with centered energy. Holding the stone near, or even envisioning the color around you is all that’s needful to balance heart and mind.

Amethyst dreams deep. Associated with the third-eye chakra, this lovely crystal can aid you in dreamtime, calming your mind into a peaceful sleep. Ask Amethyst to bring more clarity when interpreting dreams, and to boost your ability to have precognizant dreams. Be aware, however, that if you are not ready for that level of knowing, these kinds of dreams may elude you for a while.

There is so much more to Amethyst than this, and an encyclopedia’s worth of words on the sacred relationship between crystal-being and human. Yet the real joy exists in discovering for oneself what the stones have to teach. Joy to you in your journeys.

Shine on.

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