Chasing Fables

“Once I lose ten pounds, everything will be great…..Once I land that job, I can relax….Once I…”

Once upon a time, there was a little white lie, and it had everyone upset, because no matter how hard they tried, no one could catch up with it. Life carried on as normal, even when they lost all the weight they wanted and got the job of their dreams. Sure, circumstances improved, but the little white lie remained what it was; an elusive fable.

When I first received my lessons in Reiki, I held this glowing vision. I would finally be able to make the close connection with the animals in my life that I had craved. I would finally hear and understand their messages clearly and radiate peace and compassion to all.

To my extreme chagrin, I did not turn into a purple-haired Disney princess. Though I have been honored with many wonderful experiences while channeling Reiki, Snow White I am definitely not. Dogs still bark and growl, birds don’t flitter unafraid around me, and my two furry roommates often remain a mystery. Heck, my friend’s cat only gets angrier when I offer her Reiki. She may like it better with a few county lines between us, I haven’t tried yet.

At first, I was realy broken up about this. It’s like coming across that one person in a thousand who just doesn’t like you. For no reason. And no matter how gentle, polite and kind you are, they still would rather you lived in another country. That little white lie has outrun you once again. What to do?

Bless the situation and move on, for it most likely has very little to do with you, anyway.

Ten fewer pounds isn’t going to save your marriage, or magically land you on a tropical beach, but you can release blocked emotions along with the weight.

Getting the dream job won’t transform you from poorhouse to penthouse, your financial style, priorities and attitudes toward money will take you further.

And my friend’s cat? She doesn’t like anyone. Like humans, she’s probably dealing with a bunch of internal crud that has absolutely nothing to do with me, and if I weren’t so busy being butt-hurt, I would thank her for this beautiful lesson, bless her (From a respectable fifty or sixty miles away.) and trek on.

There is no magic bullet. Let the lie outdistance you, for it represents a flat, boring reality. Cinderella’s story ends once she marries the prince, implying that the peak of her existence came and went at sixteen.

Oh, I think not.

I, and you, can chose to weave a much more awe-inspiring, colorful and grand tapestry from the successes and lessons in our lives. By letting go the lie, you will find it easier not to take everything so personally, and enjoy each piece of this vast, cosmic picture that is revealed to you, without the burden of expectation. Spirit is loking to throw us a surprise party, and here we are, trying to take all the fun out of it, expecting to know what’s inside every present.

Shine on.

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