3 Tips to Help You Remember Your Dreams

With so much information, healing and insight available through dreams, many clients have asked how they can remember them. While none of these steps are foolproof, I’ve found that employing even one of these techniques improves my chances of not only remembering dreams, but increasing the odds of dreaming something useful. (Or at least not repeating the last show I watched as a nocturnal play.)

  1. Clean your room. Though Mom may have had her own motivations, she was right as usual. A clean room is a good thing. Plysical clutter creates and adds to mental clutter, and can even intensify lingering emotional distress. The smallest bit of tidying can free up loads of energy for dreaming and remembering, so if all your dust bunnies have names, no worries. Chuck the laundry in the closet and make the bed Out of sight, out of mind means one less nagging to-do and more room to fly.
  2. Turn off the tube. Our subconscious never sleeps. It is constantly absorbing information, often regurgitating that info in our dreams. If we are constantly feeding this little insomniac by falling asleep to the tv for example, it may be difficult to hear your own thoughts or guidance, let alone remember it when it shows. Instead, try playing a repetitive, nonverbal noise to lull you to slumber, such as running a fan or cueing up soothing nature sounds. Just be sure to flip your phone over if you’re streaming, so that the screen’s light doesn’t keep you awake.
  3. Snag a notebook. Yes, we’ve all heard this one before, but in this case, the initial aim isn’t about writing at all. Simply having some paper and pen close by the bed will prime the dreaming mind, creating space for memories of dreams to emerge. When they do, no pressure, just jot down a few key words and continue your snooze. Those phrases will jolt your memory in the morning, allowing you to create a more elaborate dream journal entry if you choose.

So, that’s it! A peaceful environment and a piece of paper are all you need to prime yourself to remember your dreams.

Happy dreaming!

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