Energy Forecast: Truth on the Side

We are not being distracted from the truth by anyone but ourselves. Not The Man, not Big Corp, because we are so well trained, that we are distracting ourselves.

I had a dream a few nights ago, most of the details of which are unimportant, but the message was clear: Truth sits waiting close beside us, should we choose to look.

In the dream, I am feeling drugged, sluggish, overfed and stupid with overstimulation. I’m given to understand that the convoluted mess of rooms I live in was forced on me, and I’m expected to stay there. Staring at a row of products I don’t need, I turn my head to the right and see a glass door, foot traffic strolling by outside, oblivious to my plight. I push the door tenatively. It is unlocked. No one guards it. I realize that I can leave.

Just, walk out.

The door was there the whole time. All I had to do was shift my focus and there it was, truth on the side.

This auto-distraction plays out .thousands of times a day on social media. Person A says something Person B doesn’t agree with. Person B, instead of investigating the veracity of Person A’s statement, leaves a scathing public attack and a war of emoji-spattered words ensues. We become so wrapped up in backbiting, trolling, consuming, or being generally upset that we miss that glass door entirely, wandering back into our self-imposed maze.

Truth and distraction stand, one on each side of us, at all times. We have but to choose, each moment offering the opportunity to decide again.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m always going to pick truth. The empty popsicle stick beside me attests that at present, I am choosing to eat my feelings. But hey, at least I’m aware. I’ll be aware when I have that beer for no other reason, too.

So choose.


That oughtta be enough to exit the maze, even for a short while.

Shine on!

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