30 Minute Distant Reiki Session (Copy)




Invest in the health of your body, mind and spirit with a relaxing energy healing.

Choose an appointment time when you can relax and receive.  Once the appointment time and payment are confirmed, you may email me (wildspiralarts@gmail.com) any intentions you have for your session, from pain relief to emotional health, or you may simply hold the intentions in your mind as the session begins.

Please find a comfortable, peaceful seat (Or you can lie down.) for the duration of the session.  You may also wish to play some uplifting music at this time.  Please do not schedule your appointment for when you will be driving or operating machinery.  During the session, you may feel warmth, coolness, tingles, or simply feel relaxed.  After your session, you will receive:

*An email detailing any impressions and/or messages from your guides and angels.

*Ongoing benefits of your Reiki session.


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